Hello & Welcome, Friends

This is just a blog about living in The Netherlands & when we can start travelling again… cool places in Europe! The intent really is just to have a single place to get out thoughts, observations as well as hopefully give a little escape as you read along.

I’ve lived in The Netherlands since October 2017. My wife and I had to totally drop everything we built in America, Culture shock was a real thing, It felt like I had to learn another language quite quickly to operate fully, and the overall change of lifestyle & adjustment as you progress further always holds a learning curve.

I aim to be optimistic but ups and downs are to be expected! I want to speak how I see things but I know that, maybe, I can change how negatively or positively I am responding to things.

This space is for that as well for me 🙂

I appreciate you being here and I am excited to create a space to open things up for myself as well.