The One Way Ticket

It seems so long ago when I think about this now. The moment it sunk in, kinda, that I was severing all ties to and getting prepped for a move to another country. When I say it that way…it sounds dramatic, but it was how I was feeling.  Funnily enough I didn’t quite feel what that meant in its entirety until sometime later. My wife, Chantal and I, lived on base only a 3 minute drive to the place I worked daily. We had an old 2 story house with a newly refurbished interior. A massive community backyard and a pool / wellness center only a short walk away. The final months of service we decided through after much elaboration to move to The Netherlands. The opportunity to learn a new culture & language was very exciting to me. Before then though, we had to condense a life into a 48×40 box. This was a task in itself as we tried to decide what we wanted to ship to The Netherlands. Selling the remainder of the shit we had collected over the 1.5 years we lived together on base.  It was a strange feeling..I remember seeing the house getting emptier […]
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