Welcome to The Netherlands

When I first got to The Netherlands. I had no idea how to talk Dutch. I know that May seem obvious, but the magnitude of that fact is yet to be discussed with you.When you hear about culture shock it’s hard to explain sometimes in it’s full depth.Culture shock to me is the overwhelming since of yourself identity¬† at critical points while embracing the other culture. You can pick up on so many random differences you never would have thought about being another way until it’s thrown into your face at awe inspiring moments of People watching and human interaction as you learn how to operate moving forward. Now that I think back on it…there are several things I picked up and that I think you all will get a kick out of! The breakfast here is bread, butter, & sprinkles that’s not all they ate in the mornings but it’s a big part of the food selection. They do not eat the typical eggs, bacon or sausage combos we tend to eat in America or for my UK friends… the normal fry ups you all eat. Dutchies only eat bread or cereal with coffee or tea. Needless to say […]
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